Thursday, 20 October 2016


L.I To Infer Information about characters in the text

Today for Reading I read a book called Oops. After that I had to find one character and had to write it's down. I also had to put emoticons of their feelings. I also made a News Interview. On that I worked with Malakai  and Ofa. It was fun doing the New Interview.

LI: to identify division word problems and solve using times tables.

Today for maths I went on study ladder , prototech , and maths fun,. On maths fun I got all of them wright. I had fun doing this. I learnt my basic facts doing this.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Table Master

Today for maths I went on transum and played Table Master and did the 11 timetables. My fastest answer was 3 x 11 which is  33.  My slowest answer was 11 x 10.

All about Tongan Food

 Today I did a presentation on my cultutes food which is Tonga. I had fun doing this. I did it with a couple of classmates. I learnt a lot about my countries food.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

poetry By Koloa

L.I edit to add effect in a navrrative text.


                                                    LI: to learn about different forces of a plane


L.I To identify multiplication word problems and solve using time tables.

Today for maths I went on Study ladder and did the time table problem solving (10x). I took screenshots of some of the questions I answered and my score which is 8.

Inference detectives: Looking for clues

L.I To learn what inferring is.